Welcome to the Salt Rock Veterinary Clinic

Opening Hours:
Consultations by prearranged appointment -ONLY

There have been a few pets around the world that have contracted Covid-19 from their infected owners.
There is no evidence that pets can transmit Covid-19 to people.
Fur could act as a fomite like a pen or door knob would.
We recommend that you only allow your pets contact with members of your own household at this time.
If anyone in your home is ill, limit contact with your pets, and practice good hygeine and handwashing.

COVID-19 Practice Guidelines - Level 1

During the Covid-19 pandemic the Salt Rock Veterinary Clinic will continue to care for your pets. We have made some major changes to our services and opening hours to minimise risks to our clients and staff. We all have a responsibility to practice social distancing, wear masks, slow the spread of this virus, and take care of one another.

If you are concerned about your pet's health please contact the clinic by telephone first. There is a vet available to talk to on the phone - please listen to the whole message on the clinic answerphone.

Please note that consultations are by appointment only. Even in a case of emergency please phone the vet ahead of time, so that plans can be made to see your pet. Please be aware that you may be referred to one of the Veterinary Hospitals in Ballito.

If you would prefer curb side treatment (i.e. you wait in the car while your pet is taken into the clinic to be examined) please request this at the time of making your appointment.

Vaccinations can be delayed for a few months if your pet has had at least two correctly timed rabies vaccinations. If this is not the case or you are unsure, please contact the vet to discuss the case.

Rules when coming to the clinic:

1. If you are feeling ill, even with the mildest cold/ flu/ respiratory symptoms please send another healthy adult with your pet. Please don't be offended if staff ask questions you about health/ travel history.

2. A mask must be worn correctly, covering your nose and mouth at all times.

3. Social distancing of 1.5m minimum to be practised.

4. Only 1 client and animal in the clinic at any time. Please wait outside the main door if there is another client inside. If you have an appointment, please wait outside until you are called through.

5. Please use hand sanitiser in the clinic on arrival.

6. Please touch as little as possible.

7. We sanitise our card machine with effective disinfectant between clients.
We will also accept pre-paid EFTs during this period. Proof of payment must be presented before collection.
Please phone the clinic and arrange for goods to be packed.

Rabies Alert

Please be aware that there is currently a rabies outbreak in Kwa-Zulu Natal, with a number of cases in the Dolphin Coast area.
Do not approach stray animals but report them to the SPCA (083 653 0127).

Please ensure that your dogs and cats are up to date with their vaccinations.
Please call the practice if you are unsure

Look at the Dolphin Coast Rabies Awareness Page for more information.